Sprawls across our double bed as though it is her own

(A habit started early and never quite outgrown)

Adorns the kitchen table in posture like a sphinx

And though that’s unhygienic, that’s not quite what she thinks.

No-one dares chastise her and any naughty doing

Is added as a talent to the others she’s accruing.

We even took to spelling out certain words she knows

Are other dogs this clever?  Some may be, I suppose.

This dog is really special.  I know that she can feel

When someone has the lonelies, for up to you she’ll steal

And give you just a little lick, a subtle blink of eye

“I understand your problem” is the message she’ll imply.

It sort of makes me comfy to have a dog around

The unimposing presence that with humans isn’t found

You can’t get cross or cranky when a canine cuddles up

The world would be much better if it bought itself a pup.


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