1. (One smitten admirer writes:)

    Trycelerytops and Arabella
    Now there’s a pair a’ gals
    Sunny, spotty, polka dotty
    I’d like them as my pals.

    I haven’t shopped in a month of Sundays–
    How I’d love a spree
    With these two sweeties; they’d agree
    On ways to make a better me.

    They’d help me choose a yellow tutu
    The type that Miss Tops wears
    And with precious Bella’s summer hat
    I’d practice Ladies’ Airs.

    I also love their buoffant-haired
    Red-bowed poodle pooch
    Always patient on the sidelines
    Waiting for a smooch.

    If I’m lucky someday. . . When Day?
    They’ll take me in that van
    We’ll hoot and croon to tape-deck tunes,
    Gems all picked out by Jan.


    1. Mrs Top And Mrs Baer
      Hop and shop with ne’er a care
      But when it comes to playdough fare
      Our Mrs Baer must deign to share.
      (Their other jaunts are far less odder
      Than really eating yukky fodder)

      Sweet Soulmate, thank you for having fun with Bella and Trycelerytop too xxx Jan


  2. Jan, I absolutely LOVE The Cryptic Limpet and if Michael ever gets around to providing me with grandchildren, these will be on top of the list for stories. Are you thinking of creating them in book form or will oldies like me just have to adjust to screen delivery?

    Dexter and I remain at the barn (after having to return to civilisation when clouds came over and the solar energy ran out .. All fine for us, just wondering what the future will bring for our precious planet. Time will tell I guess. Meanwhile, your stories have bought real delight. Thanks so much.

    xx Jenny


  3. It may take a long time To construct a fun rhyme, But the joy that it brings, Makes it one of those things That you do for the kids, That is worth more than quids.

    P.S. For those too young to remember, Quids are just like Dollars, but very much older, and worth even more.


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