Windowed geese roast crispy tanned

(Peking Ducks, but different brand)

Hindu shrine, my feet unshod,

Entered, met generic God.

Chicken rice and rambutans

Iceless coke in safety cans

(Biggest fear not mug-by-thug

But 24 hour tummy bug)

Motor bikes leave some untoed

Who try to cross a busy road

Rain appears and soaks us all

Before we find umbrella stall.

Alleys watched by thinning cats,

Washing banners, blocks of flats,

Towers of daunting height (who cares)

Shadow stalls of brassieres.

Budgies, green and blue, by weight

For sale to fry for dinner plate.

Baptist church (Islamic arched),

Tourists, blister heeled and parched,

Expatriates in Gucci ties

On business here to analyse

Incentive payment versus graft

And rehydrate on Tiger draught.

And five star pubs that make me sneeze

Their aircon set at nought degrees

While in the street the humid air

Puts ringlets in my curly hair.

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