Once there was a duck I knew

When I was less than three.

She’d gobble food I couldn’t chew

Though it was meant for me.

Perched up upon my highest chair

My sectioned bunny plate

Had carrots, peas and chops to share

So that was what she ate.

She never said a “THANKS FOR THAT”


(It’s hard to have a little chat

While gobbling up, of course!)

This feathered friend (called Louie)

Gulped all things she was snuck,

Not just my bits too chewy,

Ate even Peking Duck!

Her manners were appalling

(I only know that now),

She’d never come on calling,

Come DINNER TIME though, WOW!

That duck was such an eater

We had to call a truce.

My Granny said “JUST TREAT HER


“She’s got to wait POLITELY

Til YOU are properly fed”

Then added in, quite brightly,

Could YOU eat it ALL, instead?”

Thus Louie’s lunches ended,

‘Twas back to worm and frog,

So then I just upended

My plate for Barney Dog.

Brown bread crusts are yucky

And so are gristly meats.

The little pooch got lucky

And woofed his sneaky treats.

He really liked my pasta,

Chomped radish up on sight,

Got porridge down much faster

And chicken in one bite.

Some foods are not delicious

And even dogs won’t eat

So Granny got suspicious

When squashings stuck to feet.

But Grannies of the kinder sort

Will turn a blindish eye.

They know it is a childhood sport

To feed dogs pumpkin pie.

They wouldn’t think it wicked

To give the dog your plate,

Its fun to watch him lick it

And sharing’s really great.


When your Granny fills your cup

With horrid spicy noodles,

It’s quite OK to tip it up

And feed it to her POODLES!


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