Once, aboard a pirate ship

Three little girls did take a trip.

Loaded high with grain and carrot

Captain, with his shouldered parrot

Told the lasses of the plan

To cruise to places hid from man.

He wildly waved his polished hook

(Which scared away his shouldered chook)

And loud decreed that “rice be fried”

And snorkelling at least be tried

And in the case of “itchy rash”

That vineg-ring be done by Sash!

That made her the “Assistant Boss”

And jealous sisters VERY cross!

The cruised around Whitsundays wild

And every woman, man and child

Struggled to remain erect

(Thank God the ship was widely decked!)

They rolled around their beds that night

But seas were smooth at morning light,

So Sasha poured some Coco Pops

And even thawed some steak n chops

And everyone was smiley faced

And dug into Nutella paste.

As they’d survived the stormy sea

They now could eat a normal tea.

The parrot too flapped happy wings,

The captain did his “captain things”,

Sasha donned her stinger suit

And dived to look for precious loot

Like oyster shells and crabby claw,

Lots of treasures, she found more.

Sash loaded up her treasure box

Then stuffed the extras in her sox.

And finally when back on board

She showed the parrot all her hoard.

His beak went wide in eager glee,

“You brought some CUTTLEFISH for me?

Your kindness I shall soon repay,

I’ll do the washing up today!”

A happy Sasha quick agreed

And gave the bird some extra seed!

Then Sash woke up – it was a DREAM,

But things aren’t always as the seem

For hey, if it was just nap

Why in her hand this Treasure Map?

Whitsunday Islands 2007

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